Vertical Fruit Stack: Let Your Fruit Do The Talking

Have you ever wondered whether there was an alternative to the traditional fruit bowl? If you, then take a look at this vertical fruit stack which makes the fruit rather than a bowl, the primary decorative object. Whilst bowls can be delightful in their design, they are so common as to be overlooked but not this fruit stack! The vertical storage unit lets your fruit do the talking and, indeed, the pouting.

Take four or five apples, perhaps of different colors, and place them one on top of the other and admire the design capabilities this will add to your kitchen, living room or dining room. As reviewers state on the product page, visitors can’t help but comment on this unique fruit stack that catches the eye and the imagination. It’s simple yet functional as well as being sleek and elegant. Many varieties of fruit and even vegetables can be placed inside this vertical fruit stack including oranges, pears, onions and even potatoes. The more colorful the better and when reds and greens are mixed together, the visual effect will be a work of art in itself. Plus it’s simple to take a piece of fruit from the top of the stack and equally quick to re-fill. Made from polished stainless steel, the vertical fruit stack is sure to last a long time and provide many years of iconic fruit storage.

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