Black Contemporary Seating design, the Supadupa Sofa by Alexander Lotersztain

Looking for an amazing black seating furniture which is provide both comfort and also casualness to complete your contemporary living room decoration…? Here I recomending for you the Supadupa Sofa which was designed by Australian designer Alexander Lotersztain the design awards winner of the Design Institute of Australia Prize “Best Design Student”. The Supadupa Sofa is consisting of 3 modular units; corner, lounger and ottoman, which allows you to create a range of seating configurations. Created with a simple wooden frame that is covered by three layers of foam with various densities, with a hard foam base and final layer of foam chunks in a bean bag like format underneath the leather upholstery. This ‘bean bag’ qualities sofa are softer/fat look by gathering the leather, the vertical drawstrings also assist in keeping the intended shape, and the the upholstered leather cover is removable.

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  1. It is an important aspect of putting modern furniture in your home to actually consult an expert and take their view as to what would look good in what part of your house. The last thing you would want to do is basically make a riff raff of the furniture you have got. What that does is that it gives a completely weird feel to your house and that is a big turn off.
    Most people in today's times are actually moving rapidly towards buying contemporary furniture to grace their homes with it. Because they know that in today's world, the term "live smart" holds literal meaning. And it would be foolish to question it and go against the norm!!

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