Dark Red Room Design – A Stunning Example

I couldn’t help but be visually stunned with this decor scheme pictured below. The images were found when perusing through the photographic work of Portuguese photographer Joana Garrido and I must admit now, I’ve no idea where this interior is. However, that does not matter for my aim here is purely to provide some inspiration for my readers who might be considering a dark red room design.
One usually associates red with energy and I was often told at design school not to make interior designs that had the walls plastered in red from top to bottom. My tutors had a point and usually they are correct. A room with bright red or regular red walls can be headache inducing and not very helpful to relaxation that we usually seek in the home environment. 

 This being said, there is something about the dark red or maroon (I can’t quite decide which it is) in this interior that oozes calmness, tranquillity and above all, sophistication. The darkness of the red has much to do with this and cancels out the usual negatives that the color red can bring to the human experience.
One can point out immediately to the many pictures that adorn the dark red wall as well. These act as borders that break up the large surface into small pieces, almost creating pictures frames of the red paint work itself. A contrast is achieved with the images in the picture frames as well as the white contemporary chairs.
These two images are part of the same interior space by the way. The dining area is behind the camera shot from the first image of the red sofa in front of the deep red or maroon wall. As one has probably noted already, not all of the four walls are painted in this color which dilutes any negative effects a completely red room design would imbue on the human mind and emotions. 

 On the dining area side of the room, there is a large dark gray metallic wall sculpture which like the pictures on the opposing wall, breaks up the deep red paintwork. The hanging metallic light sculpture over the dining table is in a similar style to the wall sculpture. Both are, in my view, excellent additions and perfectly match the color scheme of the entire interior.

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