Boldt Castle

Boldt Castle, in New York's Thousand Islands region, was a testament to George Boldt's love for his much younger wife. The 250-acre estate sits on two islands and contains the six-story "castle" as well as a huge yacht house, golf course, and tennis courts. Sadly, construction was halted before the castle was complete due to the untimely death of Mrs. Boldt. Today, the property has been restored and visitors can tour the house and the extensive grounds.


George Boldt, who had amassed a fortune by the turn of the (20th) century investing in and developing property, such as Philadelphia's Bellevue Hotel, was the proprietor of New York's luxurious Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. The Boldts had enjoyed summers in the Thousand Islands region of New York and Mr. Boldt decided to build a castle there as a summer home and present for his wife.
Construction on the estate began in 1900. The plans called for a six-story mansion with 120 rooms, tunnels, a powerhouse, a drawbridge, and even a dove cote. Three hundred workers toiled on the project. In 1904, as the mansion was nearing completion, the workers received a telegram from Mr. Boldt, ceasing operations. Mrs. Boldt had died suddenly, just shy of her 42nd birthday, and George Boldt never returned to the property.
The estate sat idle for over 70 years under it was turned over to the Thousands Islands Bridge Authority, who spent millions restoring the property. The restoration continues to this day.

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