Leo Burnett Singapore Office Interior Design by Ministry of Design

Singapore-based firm Ministry of Design has recently completed an office interior design project for the world-known advertising agency Leo Burnett. The designers put their abillty to bring the creative personality of Leo Burnett into the office design, along with the space dividing concept that refer to the creative process in advertising business.
Leo Burnett Office Interior Design

Leo Burnett Office Exterior Design
Leo Burnett Contemporary Art
This Leo Burnett agency office in Singapore is divided into three parts. The first is called Space to Impress which contains the founder’s giant portrait and a reception desk. The second part Space to Interact consists an informal area for relaxation, dominated by a wheelbarrow full of trophies, and meeting rooms enclosed in a long black corridor. Behind the circular holes in the corridor walls are minimalist bright green meeting rooms.
Leo Burnett Interior Paint Colors
Leo Burnett Hardwood Desk Furniture
Leo Burnett Exterior Doors Installation
Space to Impress is the third part of the project which furnished with plywood desks in an open-plan configuration. The overall energetic vibe is reflected in the design of the customized plywood tables. Colored a variety of shades, the tabletops take on a checkered and playful quality.
Leo Burnett Minimalist Office Interior
Leo Burnett Advertising Office Interior Design
Leo Burnett Advertising Office Wall Decoration
Leo Burnett Dark Office Interior Paint Color Ideas
Project Details
  • Client Leo Burnett, Singapore
  • Consultant Structural Consultant: CME Engineering Pte Ltd
  • Contractor Kingsdec Interior Pte Ltd
  • Facilities: Open seating for 112 staff, Reception, Lobby, Bar, 4 Meeting
  • Rooms: 4 Meeting Pods, 6 Hotdesks, 1 President Room, Print, Production Room, HR & Finance Room, Patio
  • Capacity 112 persons
  • Total floor area (m2) 1280
  • Duration of construction 4 weeks

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