‘Theater Hall Design’

Modern Zagreb Dance Center Design by 3LHD Architects

From an old cinema, Croatian architect firm 3LHD has turned it into a modern dance center in Zagreb. The Zagreb Dance Center modern building will accommodate about 40 local dancers. After the renovation, it includes a large studio and performance space, plus two smaller practice studios, dressing rooms. bathrooms, storage and offices. A new entrance hall iwas also added between two neighboring houses and includes a cafe, library and video store.
Exterior Paint Colors Dance Center

Interior Paint Colors Dance Center
Interior Paint Dance Center
Interior Stair Railings Dance Center
Interior Stair Design Dance Center
Contemporary Interior Design Dance Center
Interior Color Schemes Dance Center
  • Structural Engineering: Berislav Medic, Hrvoje Mihal, UPI-2M
  • Building Physics / Details: Mateo Bilus, B.M.P.
  • Fire Protection- consultant: Milan Carevic, Inspekting
  • MEP Engineering – Mechanical: Igor Šundov, Rena prom
  • MEP Engineering – Mechanical: Mario Josipovic
  • MEP Engineering – plumbing: Nenad Sutevski, Vodotehnika
  • Electrical Engineering: Radovan Tomsic, RP studio
  • Electrical Engineering: Renato Majcunic, MR konzalting
  • sprinkler installation: Kaleb inzenjering
  • Special Consultant :Slaven Delalle


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