Eco-friendly Flooring Design Inspiration from Recycled Materials

Start living earth-friendly from the ground up. The Recycled material’s has natural qualities of durability and structural stability ensure it’s reliability in a variety of applications. Sustainability is a broad concept that encompasses many issues. A common definition for sustainability is “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs” (Source: Brundtland Commission). When working with eco friendly flooring materials there are a few important questions that need to be answered:
  • Were the raw materials extracted in such a way that they did not degrade natural habitats?
  • Did the energy that was used in manufacturing and transporting the product cause as little ecological damage as possible?
  • Were the scrap and waste materials recycled or re-used?
Recycled Nylon, Recycled Wood-fiber Core, Recycled Carpet, and Quality Last Bamboo floor is some example of an excellent environmentally-sensible alternative. Please Check out six flooring design ideas below.
Recycled Nylon Carpet from Shaw Floors
Eco-friendly Recycled Nylon Carpet from Shaw Floors
Recycled nylon carpet from Shaw Floors is eco-friendly with the look and feel of natural fiber. Beneath the carpet, walnut-veneer planking covers a dense inner layer of recycled wood fibers. This product uses up to two-thirds less harvested wood than alternative wood-flooring options and comes from managed forests.
Veneer Recycled Wood-fiber Core Floor
Eco-friendly Veneer Recycled Wood-fiber Core Floor
It looks like a solid walnut floor, but it’s wood veneer glued to a recycled wood-fiber core. It comes from managed forests and requires about 50 percent less newly forested wood than traditional hardwood floors.
Recycled Carpet Flooring
Eco-friendly Recycled Carpet Flooring
Soothing color combined with subtle design makes eco-friendly the style choice. Recycled carpet in dove gray grounds this space by designer Lori Dennis. The soothing color and subtle stripe prove that you don’t have to sacrifice style to achieve eco-friendly design.
Quality Last Bamboo Floor and Natural-fiber Jute Rug
Eco-friendly Quality Last Bamboo Floor and Natural-fiber Jute Rug
One of the basic tenets of eco-friendly living is buying quality. High-quality products last longer than cheap ones, reducing the amount of stuff thrown in landfills. This bedroom’s woven-strand bamboo floor is as hard as oak and just as beautiful. A durable, natural-fiber jute rug adds colorful organic style.
Sophisticated Area Rug by 10831890 from Rate My Space
Eco-friendly Sophisticated Area Rug by 10831890 from Rate My Space
FLOR carpet tiles are made with renewable and recyclable materials. Since they come in a variety of colors, the tiles can be arranged in any pattern for a unique area rug. This modern living room features a sophisticated area rug that combines striped tiles with solid ones.
Radiant Heated Concrete Floors
Eco-friendly Radiant Heated Concrete Floors
The master bedroom, designed by David Hertz, opens onto the exterior patio, filling the space with light and air. Recycled timbers comprise the ceiling beams, and solar radiant heated concrete floors make this an eco-friendly, low-maintenance space.

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