A Funky Living Room or Cool Kids Room Ideas?

We thought this could be an adorable, cool and funky idea for a living room or a kids room - the combination of a low white table and these bright red poufs. Makes you want to sit down and enjoy the conversation or just have a snack ;-) Here's an idea for your living room or a kids room - have it just as pictured. The Tomato poufs are by Nanimarquina - organic poufs by designers Ana Mir and Emili Padros, available in 4 colors. Just find a table ...

Outdoor Interior Design - a different kind of interiors by Paola Lenti

With their soft outdoor furnishings and cozy seating arrangements, Paola Lenti is creating a more modern, more luxurious, a different kind of interior. These outdoor interior designs have evolved beyond boundaries, part indoors and out. Their casual and comfortable, yet contemporary aesthetic is complemented by architectural elements like gazebos, sails and screens which belong in the outdoors, yet have made their way in. The versatile, modular furnishings in the Cabanne collection include benches, sectionals and unusual low-lying coffee tables that might be mistaken for minimalist wood platforms used in meditation or yoga! The whole atmosphere of these outdoor interiors is Zen to the nth degree. All these different elements find their common thread in a cohesive color palette and earthy, rustic materials. Check out the full collection by visitingPaola Lenti.

Living Room Storage Solutions, Ideas - ‘Pari & Dispari’ units by Presotto

If you want to give your living room that “magazine” look, the key is in stylish and smart storage solutions, like the Pari & Dispari units by Italian furniture company Presotto Italia. We love this functional feature, disguised by stone-style panels. Behind closed doors, you’ll find your TV, ready to watch at a moment’s notice; your stereo, CDs and DVDs and cables, books, magazines, glassware – all the comforts of home. These storage solutions also come as exposed systems, if you like to show off your collections. Suited to large, small and even awkward spaces, these modular storage units are built to your specifications. These stone-looking facades meet ultra-modern, high-gloss lacquered glass for an unusual yet totally cool combination. For more ideas for your living room visit the NGI Design showroom.

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