Revitalise your walls with wall décor stickers

The walls are exquisitely painted, not a spot of blemish and you have perhaps kept them spotless since you first had them painted. Well, congratulations, but it’s time to spruce those walls up with something new and fancy! And no, it’s not about re-painting so don’t fret; you can transform those walls by simply using wall decor stickers!

Just as the name suggests, wall décor stickers are stuck onto the wall and within minutes, the room is completely transformed! Each vinyl sticker contains individually cut out characters. They come in various shapes, sizes and colour to suit your taste.
Furthermore, this variety come in handy to suit the different rooms in the house, say for the children’s room, there are cartoon and animation stickers. Also, what better way to teach your toddler the alphabet or numbers than sticking them onto their bedroom walls?

For the sitting room, there are decorative stickers, fruit and vegetable stickers for the kitchen and a variety for the other rooms in the house. What’s more, these stickers are not only for homes but can be used in offices to create an elegant but subtle decoration to suit the work environment.

The primary advantage of wall décor stickers is that they allow you to personalise your home using your creativity. Even better, with all the style the stickers come with, there’s not much work needed to have them put up.
“Often, changing paint and wallpaper is tedious and expensive in the long run, but with vinyl stickers, one can change the appearance of their walls as often as they want with ease,” says Carolyne Owarwo Mulinde, director of Feed My Lamb Wall Graphics along Bukoto Street, Kamwokya.

At the mention of stickers on walls, one might fear them damaging paint when peeled off but Owarwo is quick to explain that the material which these stickers are made of is vinyl, so what does this imply? “These vinyl stickers do not peel off with the paint. Peeling them off will leave the wall as good as it was before.”

Besides not spoiling the paint when peeled off, below are a number of advantages the stickers have over paint and wallpaper.

Removable and reusable
Owarwo explains that unlike ordinary stickers, the life span of vinyl wall stickers does not end once peeled off the wall; they can be reused.
She is definitely not backing a product she is not acquainted with and confidently adds, “I have moved offices three times but the stickers I had in the first office are the same stickers I am using today.”

Also, you can change the stickers according to an event, say, if you have a party, you could use appropriate colourful stickers in your living room to suit the event and later peel them off and store them for the next event.

Easy to work with
What is easier than peeling and sticking? You can even have your children do their own rooms as they please. Wall stickers, unlike paint and wallpaper, do not require an assortment of tools to work with. You won’t need to hire workmanship to have your stickers up because you can do this yourself. Furthermore, these are not like paint that you may be forced to stand for a number of years simply because you will spend a fortune hiring painters to re-do it. You can peel décor stickers off even as soon as sticking them up, without any hassle.

Colour and design
Vinyl wall decor stickers present you with the opportunity to utilise colours that you would probably not have easily found in paint. What’s more, you can create designs that otherwise would have been expensive or difficult with paint.

You can get stickers in any size you desire, say, if your child wants a life-size sticker of Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh or any other animation, you can have it stuck to their wall and create their dream bedroom.

Fade and water resistant
“A sticker will not lose colour because of water,” says Owarwo. They will stay as good as new due to the high quality inks that make them resistant to fading and water.

Fun and creativity
The flexibility of stickers spurs your creativity. You can stick these stickers in any arrangement you fancy! Let your creativity lead you to your very own unique and beautiful wall décor. You can have fun as a family when deciding which colours and stickers are best for each of the different rooms in your house.

Owarwo says the cost of a set of stickers depends on the size and design. “The more complicated or bigger the design, the more costly. A set goes for between Shs60,000 and Shs210,000 at Feed My Lamb Wall Graphics, Shoprite.” Joy Kiggundu, a sales lady at Aristoc Bookstore Kampala Road, says they have stickers for children’s bedrooms that cost from Shs2,500 to Shs3,500, although these are paper, not vinyl.

Owarwo regrettably says that Ugandans have not yet embraced the idea of using these stickers. “These stickers are more common in the west but Ugandans should try them out because of their efficiency.”
So, desiring to transform your walls without going through much hustle? Find the vinyl wall décor sticker designs that strike you most, let your creativity lead the way and customise your walls to do away with that bare appearance.

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