Decorating your Foyer or Entrance

The most important space in your home is the entry. It is the first area that people will see when they enter your home.
It sets the decorating tone for the rest of your home and should make your visitors say, "I can't wait to see the rest of your beautiful home!"

To make a decorative statement in your entry hall, adding plants, accessories and color are easy ways to transform the space.
• Choose a color for the walls, which will flow well with the other rooms that branch off the entry. For a classic look, choose a plant such as the Ficus.
For a more contemporary look, choose a palm tree. However, keep in mind that live plants need light so if your entryway doesn't get much, think about a silk tree or use a colorful floral arrangement to add excitement. Mirrors can help dark entry come alive; it also allows you to check yourself before leaving or greeting guest.
• For a traditional look, select a beautiful Oriental rug, which will hold up under traffic well and tends to conceal dirt. If you want something more contemporary choose sisal.
• Use one main piece of furniture like a chest or console table to anchor the area. Add a basket for keys and if the table is open underneath add a fern to fill the open area.
• Hang a picture or mirror above and then display a favorite collection and/or lamps on it.
• Add a coat rack to allow space for coats to be hung and umbrellas to be stored when entering the home.
• Having a chair in the entry will provide a place for bags or a seat to remove dirty shoes.
Even if you don’t have a foyer per say, you can still create a stunning entry by following the simple steps listed above at the entrance of your home. Remember for what ever type of entry that you do have, keep it clean of clutter to allow for easy entrance and exiting.

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