Contemporary Pavilion Design in New Orleans by Mike McKay

Mike McKay has designed the Duplantier Volunteer Pavilion in the New Orleans Botanical Garden in City Park. He started his work as a number Cypress trees in City Park were uprooted after the devastating storms of 2005. The pavilion design was constructed as result of the fallen trees which conceived of as six identical modules that are aggregated across the site.
McKay Duplantier Contemporary Pavilion Design

McKay Duplantier Eco Friendly Pavilion
McKay Duplantier Pavilion Interior
McKay Duplantier Outdoor Pavilion Design
The designer grouped or pulled apart the modules to accommodate existing site conditions like trees, root systems, site restrictions, etc. The ’sliding’ of each individual module allows for a formal variability within a rigid system and maximizes use of the site without building to its extents. Via. Photography by Frank Doring.

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