Philippine Bamboo Tent for Computer Shop interior Decoration

Philippine interior designer James Jeffert Ong was put a new brilliant idea on computer shop interior decoration with bamboo tent to exhibits computer product especially laptop in Manila, Philippine. The basic idea from this Philippine interior designer is to present comfortable computer stand with unique interior decoration which ensure of buyer comfort at the same time to give different laptop shopping experience. The bamboo tent interior decoration idea finally was realize at 2010 Manila Fame International April 2010, laptop buyer lounge was design with bamboo tent which the purpose is just like want to protect the stand under the tent. The lounge stands comfortably design with small table which equip with soft cushion to make comfort both of seller and laptop buyers when they are doing the transaction. Stranger, unique, brilliant idea or whatever you think about this Bamboo Tent for Computer Shop interior Decoration, look up on the picture and find out yourself description from this interior decoration idea, cause I also confuse whit it, but only one word I can say is Brilliant!!!

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