Heavy American style furniture

American leather is known mostly like material suitable for furniture upholstery which furniture looks spectacular and luxury. The natural materials are the key to the appropriate furnishing in Wild West style. Wood, stone, metal and leather are the basic materials used in the furniture. Furniture made look older is always suitable for interior in Old American Style.
Furnishing in this style is rather crude and tomboyish. The furniture is massive, heavy and solid without any unnecessary decorations and ornaments. Extremely distinguishing mark in furnishing is the use of leather – if you want to effect a real western interior then this should be the thing on which you have to make the biggest accent. The leather is traditionally represented not only in West man’s clothes but also in their home interior.

The accessories and decorative elements that exalt American design in furniture have big proportions – antlers, hides of killed animals, huge bowls with everlasting flowers. Except for the above mentioned, distinguishing mark for the West is the presence of iron fireplaces, candlesticks and lanterns. These elements have secondary importance in furnishing just after the furniture, but their contribution to the interior atmosphere is as well significant.

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