Luxury and Classic Victorian Interior Design Ideas Photos by Robert Couturier

The Victorian interior design style is very popular at the moment, especially in the New England states. This is best pictures from Robert Couturier of decorating ideas with luxurious Victorian style that will rich and beautiful off your home. The history Victorian home era is so called because of Queen Victoria; it started in England and was the time period between 1837 and 1901. People loved the Victorian era because it was a peaceful time but also filled with innovation fuelled by the industrial revolution. Many people became rich during the Victorian period. Wallpaper is one of the innovations of the Victorian age, although this has actually been around since roman times it is only since the Victorian period that it resembles what we now class as wallpaper. The easiest way to achieve a decorative ceiling is with wallpaper. Select from the many decorative types of wallpaper available, some reproduction of earlier wallpapers, others interpretation based on graphic designs popular in the Victorian era. All types of people would use wallpaper just to show that they had enough money to cover their walls with lots of beautiful colors. This best sample photos collection of classic Victorian house interior design furniture ideas by Robert Couturier.

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