BMW Design Aircraft interior

Design team of German carmakers in the U.S. created the luxurious cabin space, and stunning personality for two aircraft of the individual airlines Embraer (Brazil).
Under the talents of DesignworksUSA (BMW’s design team in America), the Phenom 100 and 300 cabin style blend of modern and slightly toward the future. More importantly, they provide practical solutions as a place to hand attached to the aircraft and luggage compartment hidden in the wall.


Phenom 100 in No. 7 with a stylish interior design from the German car company. Photo: BMW.
The other impressive features include leather interior, Wood and metal more pressing. In addition, customers can request the interior needs with 7 different style options.
According to Colin Steven, Embraer’s vice president: “We set very high requirements. DesignworksUSA mission is to provide convenience and comfort for the best pilots meet passenger demand for the merchant is great combination of aesthetics and high quality design with upper legacy. ”
Embraer said that about 100 aircraft with BMW-style furniture has been produced. 600 orders are on the waiting list.

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