Cool Aquarium Art Interior design by Aquarium Architecture Firms

Luxury Aquarium Art Interior design

Aquarium installation in the dining room

Bespoke aquarium Interior design

Aquarium interior design by Aquarium Architecture

If you are planned to have a great Aquarium in your luxury home interiors, this cool aquarium art which is designed by Aquarium Architecture company will be the stunning focal point in your living space. Aquarium Architecture is the highly-skilled designers and installers of specialists international aquarium design, installation and maintenance. Not only in a home, but they can also installing their Aquarium Art in the office, club or restaurant, with every bespoke aquarium is built from special optically clear glass, with the above installation holding over 5000 litres of water and accommodates over 200 marine fish, Reinforced using a high grade steel collar and clad with Italian granite, providing the desired unique focal point at any beautiful interiors. The image shown below is taken from the residence in London by Roxy Fieldhouse Photography, the aquarium is situated on the basement floor overlooking a large Japanese garden, offering a relaxing oasis away from the main living area.

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