How to Choose Interior Design Color Schemes

When choosing tinges for a room interior, it is important to keep personal taste and preference in mind. Professionals use three basic interior design color schemes when planning any project. These basic color schemes are analogous, complementary and monochromatic.
An analogous color scheme consists of using colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. One example of this scheme would be to use the warm colors of red, red-orange, yellow-orange and yellow.
Another choice might be choosing cooler color tones, such as blue-green, blue, blue-violet and violet. Although there is no high contrast in this scheme, using analogous colors in a project can make a room feel very luxurious and harmonious.
Complementary colors are the colors that are opposite on the tinges wheel. This particular scheme is widespread in many homes built during the middle of the twentieth century.
The pink and green designs in bathrooms of that era are complementary. Other combinations would be blue and yellow or red and turquoise. Out of all the tinge palettes, complementary colors offer the highest contrast and visual interest.
If all one color suits the design of the room, then a monochromatic tinge plan will fill the bill. Monochromatic means just that, all one color. A monochromatic color scheme involves the use of one color plus tints and shades of the particular color.
For instance, a palette of burgundy, red and pink is a monochromatic scheme. A monochromatic design within a room is easy to pull together and can make a room feel soothing and balanced.
Of course, there are variations of the three basic color schemes from which to choose. Some of these include:
• Split Complementary – a modified version of the standard complementary scheme
• Triadic – a combination of three evenly spaced tinges on the color wheel
• Tetradic – a combination of two pairs of complementary colors, sometimes called “double complementary”
Choosing basic interior design color schemes is easy and wonderful results are possible. Take care when choosing tinges that are pleasing to the eye and flow harmoniously.
Following the simple rules of good design is the first step in establishing an overall theme to a room.

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